Dear Stu,

Believe it or not, it’s been just about a year since Stu and I first met you at an Ann’s Choice event for Priority List members.  We were immediately drawn to your friendly and warm personality.  After interviewing several realtors we realized that not all real estate agents are the same and decided you would be the best person to help us transition from homeowner responsibilities to care free living at Ann’s Choice.

When we had our first formal meeting on April 17, 2014, to be exact, you came fully prepared with a marketing plan and analysis of property values in our area.  We appreciated the way you presented the information to us in a knowledgeable manner. In addition, you took the time to tour our home.  You provided positive feedback about improvements that had been made over time, and you also offered gentle constructive suggestions about things to do to make our home more marketable.  It was from that first meeting we knew that you would not only represent us and our best interests as a professional realtor but as a friend as well.  

Although it took several months for us to find an Ann’s Choice apartment to love, you carefully prepared us for the sale of our home.  You arranged to have beautiful professional pictures and a virtual tour to market our home, you included us when it was time to write a description of our property, and you kept us informed about the ways you planned to market our home.  And, let’s not forget, you guided us through the process of deciding on a price that would appeal to buyers and also provide us with the highest monetary return.

Finally, in October of last year Stu and I found our ideal Ann’s Choice apartment.  With all of the preliminary work completed, you immediately placed a For Sale sign in the window, listed our property on line, and arranged for an open house.  We were very excited when we had a prospective buyer after the house had been on the market for only ten (10) days!  Little did we know that this was just the beginning of a process that required patience and negotiation skills when dealing with the buyers and especially the buyers’ agent.  Stu, there were quite a few times when we were ready to walk away from the deal.  But, your expertise in dealing with difficult situations kept us on board and we were able to finalize a satisfactory home sale.

We also want to mention how much we appreciate that our settlement went without a hitch, thanks to you and your staff.  All documents were in order and all we had to do was sign on the dotted lines.  Please thank everyone involved for their attention to detail.

Although this letter is overdue, it is no less sincere.  Stu and I want to thank you, sincerely, for all of the efforts you put forth on our behalf.  Despite the challenges of selling our home, we truly appreciate your knowledge, support, professionalism, patience.


Dorothy Kollinger  
Stu  Craig


In November my husband and I decided we wanted to buy our first home. Being completely new to real estate and the housing market, I was not sure what approach to take. I met Stuart Frey through my dad, who was also looking to buy a new home. Immediately upon meeting Stu, he eased us into the process and made our experience enjoyable and stress-free. Stu provided us with knowledge, support, and professionalism in buying or first home and I would definitely recommend him for anyone looking to buy a house.

When I first contacted Stu, he recommended we meet to prime us on the basics of buying a house. We met him at his office and he sat down with me and my husband for two hours. He introduced us to unfamiliar terms and answered any questions we had. We also shared with him what we were looking for in a new home; then, he completed a comprehensive search online to provide us with homes that met our criteria. After our initial meeting, I felt I had more knowledge about the real estate market, and also about what we were actually looking for.

My husband and I used the online search to find a few homes we wanted to visit. We e-mailed Stu our choices and he responded immediately with a date and time to visit potential homes. Stu always directed us to positive and negative aspects of the house. For example, Stu informed us when a house required a lot of expensive renovations. He also notified us when the house had highlights, such as a new hot water heater. Ultimately, we found our dream home, but it was not at the dream price. Stu was attentive and supportive in helping us achieve a reasonable price for our new home.  To our surprise, we ended up getting the house for less than it was actually appraised at.

The procedure of finding our dream home to actually having the deed in our hands was not a fun process. However, Stu and his team of professionals made it as painless as possible. There were many unfamiliar documents to sign. The team comprehensively reviewed them with us and answered any questions we had. Finally, all the documents were complete and the house was ours. After settlement Stu surprised us with a housewarming gift, which was personal and unique to our taste. It is displayed at our new home now!

After we were all settled in our new home, Stu contacted us several times to ensure we love everything about our new purchase. He even checked in to remind us to get the warranty on a new appliance in the house. This required him to contact the seller’s agent, which he did without hesitation. I would absolutely recommend Stuart Frey to be your real estate agent if you want assurance, support, and expertise from him and all of his colleagues.

Thanks Stuart for everything,
Sean & Emily Burke


Dear Stuart:

    Joe & I wanted to thank you again for all your hard work in selling our property.  As you know, you were the third realtor we signed with.  The other realtors didn’t work as hard as you did.  In fact, we ended up taking one of them before the Montgomery County Board of Realtors for unethical practices.

    Anyway…you did a great job and you were very positive.  When we got discouraged and thought about quitting, you talked us through the tough spots and convinced us to “hang in”.  We did…the house is sold…and we’re really very grateful for all your help.

    Don’t be a stranger.  If you’re ever in the area, please stop in.  We’d love to see you again.  If we hear of any friends or family members contemplating the sale of their property, we would definitely recommend you to them.

    Take care.

                                   Mary Ann & Joe
                                   Mary Ann & Joe Armstrong

Dear Stuart:

I want to thank you for your partnering with my siblings and me on the sale of our house in Hatboro.  This was a very difficult time for our family, with the recent passing of my brother and my Mom who lived in the Hatboro home.  When the time arrived and we decided to sell, your name surfaced.  Being that our family had no recent property transactions, we did not have that go to Realtor.

At our first meeting you provided us with a level of comfort and unparalleled knowledge of the Real Estate business.  I knew you were "our guy" in the first few minutes.  You first, just listened with a sympathetic ear to our story and how we wanted to proceed with the sale.  You then only enhanced our direction by offering tips and guidance based on your years of experience.  It was clearly evident that Real Estate was you full time profession and not a part-time job.

As my profession is technology based, I must applaud your listing practices, and web based advertsing and exposure.  Your knowledge and approach delivered us some 10+ appointments in the first three days on the market.  As that first week ended we had an agreement of sale for nearly our asking price with waived inspections. Wow!!  We were thinking the process would drag on for months, yet within several weeks the sale/transaction was complete!  So now, you are my Real Estate "guy" and with that you will have my highest recommendation for anyone in the market to buy or sell  I wish you continued success, good health and prosperity.  Hopefully we will have a chance to get together soon!


Rick Lovell
Technology Manager
Johnson & Johnson

Dear Stuart:

We just wanted to thank you for all your efforts in helping us selling our home.  It is funny how people who help you the most, come into your life when you least expect it.  For years, my family and friends used the same realtor.  When she retired two ago, Jason and I were left on our own with our real estate needs.  We kept an open mind, nut was not sure whether or not we wanted to buy or build a home.  We did the INternet and newspaper searches, attended open houses, but really had no direction or guidance on what was bets for us.

When we met an open house, both Jason and I immediately felt comfortable with you.  As we walked out to the car, we both agreed that we wanted you as our realtor.  We let out a sigh of relief knowing we were in good hands.  It was your guidance and experience that allowed us to finally decide on fidning and building our dream home.

Once we found our dream home, everything happened so quicklu.  In a matter of four (4) months when our house would be ready, we had to prepare our house to be listed, decide on a price, list the home, and find a buyer.  Your advice on how to prepare our home and determining the right price to sell at was pivotal in getting our house sold and through settlement in less than two (2) months.  I also cannot thank you enough for your guidance when the buyer had to delay settlement.  I know that your suggestions on how to proceed made both my family and the buyer happy with the actions we took.

We cannot speak more highly or recommend you more to anyone who is seeking a realtor who upfont, honest, and has their client's best interest at heart.  We feel that we have found a worthy replace for our life-long family realtor as well as good friend.


The Antunes (Jason and Carolyn)

Dear Stuart Frey:

I am finally settling down and just wanted to take the opportunity to express my gratitude for all your assistance throughout this process.  As a first time buyer, the process can be exciting and stressful at the same time.  I can truly say with you as my realtor, this was a well-informed and pleasurable process.  Not only did you take the time out to explain the process, you also took the time to listen and understand my actual wants and needs.

Working with you was exceptional in every way.  You were very personable, professional and passionate about providing outstanding service.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciated the number of hours you spent with my family and me in person and by phone, keeping us totally informed every step of the way.  You showed extraordinary professionalism and I could not have had better support.

I valued your ability to advise me about everything in regards to the home buying process.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to any person who is looking to buy or sell a home, as well as seek your service in any of my future real estate transactions.


Tanesha Brown

Dear Stu:

when my husband and I met Stuart we already had a realtor, but we weren't satisfied with how how quickly and easily he shot down our "1st-home wish list".  In an attempt to find what we wantedby ourselves online we found Stu, and now were happy homeowners!  His no-pressure answers to my questions sold me immediately, but he followed up with more clarifying questions to better help us find what we wanted and met us in person still allowing us the flexibility to walk away.

As longtime renters we'd never house-hunted before and wanted to see every house, townhouse and condo in or near our price range in almost all of Montgomery County.  Stu took the time to show us every one on our list whether it had to be at night or on weekends or at the last minute.  As we walked through one property after another he paid very close attention to our likes and dislikes to better assist us in narrowing our search.  He had an overabundance of patience for our reluctant decision-making and made sure we were able to see as many locations as we wanted.

After we began the negotiation process he repeatedly made it clear that he was there for US and no one else.  When we told him we couldn't give anymore he was our strength and kept us from backing down when he knew we would be doing so against our better judgment.  When we finally had to walk away from our first choice he immediately jumped back to work fitting us and our showings into his schedule AGAIN and helped us end up getting something even better.

Once our offer was accepted the process was anything but smooth, but Stu was there with us making calls, writing emails, earning our trust and loyalty all along the way.  From the first email, dinner meeting, showing after showing, inspection to closing he was there to answer questions and help us in any way possible.  Despite the challenge we were as clients he still continued to touch base.  He's made buying our first home as rewarding as we ever could have hoped and when we're ready to upgrade he'll be the first person we call.

Virgina & David Nester.

To whom it may concern:

I'm writing this letter about realtor Stuart Frey who we used last year ti sell our home in Quakertown.  He's good!!! I suppose you ask why.

1.  Two homes on the market in our neighborhood were fixer uppers and sold at a greatly reduced price.  The third was on the market for over a year.  Stuart's advice was to price ours reasonably to move it quickly.  We did and it sold the first week!  It sold for 98% of our asking price with no offer!

2. He recommended that we have our own house inspection done.  We did and made the corrections.  The buyer's inspection revealed only minor issues which were corrected quickly.  There was no pressure to go to a quick closing.

3.  Stuart recommended a great handyman to complete the necessary repais that needed to be done.  The person he recommended was skilled, personable, prompt and very reasonable.

4. Stuart made recommendations about "staging" the house to make it more salable.  We took his recommended was skilled, personable, prompt and very reasonable.

5. We had to sell quickly because we had reserved a unit which we liked at Ann's Choice which is a Continuing Care Retirement Community.  Stuart was very sensitive to our needs and was very active in the sale of our home.

6. So 9 months later, just before the 2014 tax deadline, we're in Florida and get a call from our accountant requesting the HUD sheets from the sale of our home.  We did not have them in Florida.  I contacted Stuart to see if he could retrieve them and get them to our accountant.  He had them the next day!

So what's the conclusion...Stuart Frey is a true professional, realistic in his advice, thorough in his preparation, and a good person.  Is there a perfect real estate realtor?  I don't know, but Stuart Frey comes close.  My wife and I would highly recommend him to anyone.


Gail and Bill Danusiar